Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My letter to a friend

Hello my friend,
SO sorry to hear about your bro.  That sucks! 

Yes, Bill Henderson's protocol was one of the first ones I investigated and bought into his supplements.  I hated the ingredients and could not confirm manufacturing processes so I did not have faith in them and decided to get my nutrients through foods and superfoods.  Also, I knew that a diet without animal protein was not right for me.  (As it turns out, my intuition served me well in that aspect as the protocol I am following strongly encourages a protein-rich diet).

Melanoma does not need to be anywhere near a death sentence.  I have three highly successful protocols I would recommend.  One, is black salve.  If he wants to use it I would buy it here.  I did not use it because my tumor was so large and deep and I was terrified of the pain.  However, I have areas that look like a rash that may be cancer so I am going to try it there.  If it is not cancer, the salve does nothing.  If it is, it will pull it out of that area.  Be sure to look for pictures.  And if he does want to try the black salve let me know and I can share more information I have gotten from folks who have used it successfully.

Speaking of pain...If your brother is in extreme pain, I would like to recommend your brother stop seeing medical docs except for getting a referral to hospice.  I did!  Best thing I ever did.  They are only interested in making you comfortable and not into the fright tactics the medicos (more on that next) use to get you to do horrible, toxic things.  If your brother is not sleeping well and for many, many hours because of pain, then that is a great route to take.  They are caring and kind.  We want to get your brother well, and in deep sleep is the only time a body heals.  I had terrible pain and for 6 months only slept 3-5 hours a night.  Once I got on morphine, I was able to sleep and my body went into healing overdrive.  The difference in just 2 weeks was astounding.

Now, about the fright tactics.  They are the WORSE thing for healing in the world.  Fear and panic can cause cancer elsewhere in the body (not metastasis which is an unproven theory  which I will talk about later).  He needs to stay calm, stress-free and confident that his body is healing.  Affirmations, meditations, EFT, Laughter Yoga are all great mind-set tools.  Also, funny movies.  And lots of rest.  A balanced and positive mind will keep him from going to dark places which are so counter productive.

I learned how influential the mind is in healing from cancer by using German New Medicine  I credit my understanding and the knowledge I have gleaned through my GNM consultant with my continued success.  Both of you should read the testimonials on melanoma.  I include you in this because sometimes you will need to "run tackle" for him and make sure he is never in a place where he is told negative things about his condition as that triggers a fear and panic response.  Preston took me to all my appointments - even with holistic healers - just to be sure that the severity or gravity of my condition was never spoken about by those who don't understand my viewpoint and that of GNM

The third tool I would investigate for him is http://phoenixtears.ca/  There are a lot of very positive testimonials with its' use on skin cancer.  There are even Pubmed articles!  For more info beyond that link, Google Rick Simpson.  This could be an alternate route to Hospice and painkillers!

I read your recent e-letter and was saddened to read that you stated your brother's melanoma can spread via the bloodstream.  Metastasis is a theory that is unproven and disputed and explained in this article http://learninggnm.com/documents/metastasis_theory.html  If cancer can travel through the blood system then why aren't blood donations screened for cancer?

I hope this information helps.  Stay positive, encourage a WAPF based diet and any other tools that will support the body's miraculous ability to heal!