Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring update and my cat!

The other night I woke with a start after realizing I had not seen one of our 6 cats all afternoon and evening. I got dressed, grabbed a flashlight and went out to our backyard to search for him. Poor Johnson (yes, his name is Johnson) was huddled under a bamboo tree and totally uninterested in anything I offered him (food, love, shelter, water). I left him there and tried to go back to sleep.
But sleep would not come, I laid there and worried about him until I finally drifted off around 4:00. During that time I realized that I was creating a “nest worry conflict” (GNM term). And I really lived in a nest worry conflict over my boys, constantly. How could I heal if I stayed in that conflict?
I got in touch with Andi (my GNM consultant) to ask about Johnson’s healing from a conflict. During the conversation about him, she confirmed that my cats are my children and by worrying about them I stay in a “hanging healing”.
So, now, I must do all I can do to insure their health and safety so I can stop worrying about them. I have to let go as long as I have done all I can do. My brother taught me that last night when I asked, “How does a mother ever stop worrying about her children?”
Now, I expect to really speed up my healing as I let go of worry about my cats. Yippee!
Oh, and about Johnson? His conflict began last Monday when we had a gardener working in his yard. On Tues and Wed there were workman here disturbing his world. He’ s tough cat, but recently has become very frightened of strangers making strange sounds. I suspect Thursday he resolved his conflicts when all was quiet and right in his world and on Friday he went into healing.
I tell him he is safe and to sleep as his body is working perfectly and healing as fast as it can. His conflict lasted 3 days so his healing should take 3 days.
He is still comfortable in his “sick room” (our bedroom with the door closed), he will drink a bit of tuna water and today he wolfed down about 3 bites of food. I am so glad I didn’t take him to the vet! By tomorrow he should be getting back to normal.
Gotta love something so universal that it works on pets, too!  Viva GNM!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Great e-zine article on my journey

I was so honored when Morgan asked if she could write an article about my breast cancer journey.  Take a look and enjoy the excellent writing.  Ha, and wait 'til you see the pic of me with long hair!  How did that happen?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sarasota begins a GNM Community!

I know you have heard a lot from me lately about German New Medicine.  Last month my teacher/consultant Andi Locke Mearsgave a free introduction class which was well received by the 30 that attended.  

But, that was just an intro.  Everyone left hungry for more information about GNM and for more details on how to use GNM in their every day lives.  And even though I have been using GNM for over 18 months to heal from breast cancer and other issues, I want to learn more, too. 

Andi has agreed to teach a 6 week course specifically for our Chapter! It will be a foundation course that will build upon the information we learned last month.  At the end of the 6 weeks you will have enough knowledge to look up in the book and/or chart and have a clear understanding of the conflict at hand.  Call it Applied Theory if you will.

Each class will be 1.5 hours including ample time for questions and answers.  Andi will be presenting via SKYPE so you will see her as if she is at the head of the class.

The cost?  Well, Andi and I are so excited about bringing GNM to more and more people that we have decided to start a "GNM Community" with this class as a template for future "GNM Communities" around the U.S.  Andi is offering an extremely reasonable price of $10/class per person or $50 for all 6 if you pay at or before the first class. 

If you did not attend Andi's class last month you will need to view the Five Biological Laws before the class begins.  Even if you DID attend you will want a refresher.  She is offering this once more  before our class begins on Wednesday, March 27th.  For more information or to register, click here:
 I have heard the Five Biological Law presentation numerous times and I still get a little "ah ha" each time I hear or read it.  Click to see and hear the Five Biological Laws of GNM  - a recorded session you can listen to anytime.

And if you missed a recent article on my journey you will want to check this out: 

UPDATE - April 5, 2013
Due to overwhelming response for webinars, Andi is reworking the course.  We will be starting a community as soon as I have the "juice" to facilitate them.  Can't wait.  But in the meantime, be sure to click on Andi's calendar for webinar info.  Better yet. write to her to get on her mailing list

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Still fighting the battle, but winning the war!

Fatigue and pain have been my constant companions.  Even on the low dose of morphine I took daily, I was still in pain - maybe a 2 or 3 on the 1-10 scale.  BUT, I haven't let that stop me

In October Preston and I took a 4 day holiday to visit the Annapolis Boat Show.  I only had to nap one day - the first.  I was astounded at my stamina and it was great to feel "normal" for the first time in over a year.

I am sure many of you who don't see me on a regular basis are wondering how I am doing.  To see me you would never know I have cancer.  My eyes are bright and my complexion clear and at times rosy.  I smile and laugh easily.  I am very proud to say that I attended every single holiday party I was invited to, including the last one on New Years Day.  It was a bit grueling at times, but I had a ball with all my friends.  Again, feeling normal was important.

The worst part of the holidays was the food.  How can I resist the homemade cookies my sister sent? Even though they were for Preston, they were made from my grandmother's recipe.  I grew up eating these cookies.  How could "one for each hand" hurt?  Boy, were they good.

I did notice that where sugar used to cause me pain, it now causes me to itch like crazy.  Cancer loves sugar and I was feeding it too much as the year came to a close.  January One found me making another resolution around my diet.  Keeping it clean and healthy has made all the difference in the world.  No more itching!

Around the holidays, my new German New Medicine consultant, Andi Locke Mears suggested that it might be time for me to wean myself off the morphine.  I had been on 15mg of timed-release twice a day for almost a year.  It was a godsend in the beginning because it allowed me the sleep I had been missing for 6 months while I was healing, and healing is painful.  GET OFF THE MORPHINE !?!?!  How could she suggest that?  Well, I knew how because I also knew that the morphine was slowing down every bodily function - including healing.  I needed to quit limping along and dive back in.

Boxing Day.  I switched a Morphine for an Aleve.  Huh!  It worked.  And maybe better.  My Hospice nurse had ordered morphine drops for me to help me wean off the timed-release dose.  They were quick acting, but did not act very long.  And they totally slowed down ALL bodily functions if you get my drift.  I used them only in extreme circumstances.  And I kept substituting with the Aleve even though I was very concerned about my gut and liver.  I tried to take it with kefir or bone broth or at least with food.  Thank you, Sarah Pope for giving me licence to take the Aleve.

Then Andi suggested I go to a community acupuncture clinic for pain relief.  Never been to one.  Did not know what one was.  I had not used acupuncture for my cancer because I hated to be full of needles and then left alone in a room to "cook".  It triggered my panic disorder...I felt I could not "fight or flight".

Well, I want to tell you...Community Acupuncture is the way to go.  Imagine walking into a clinic and filling out a short one-page form, having the DOM (Doctor of Oriental Medicine) chat with you for 5 minutes about your condition and goals and then being taken into a room with 4 to 8 recliners where folks are napping away with needles in their legs, arms, head and ears?  Oh, it felt so safe. No panic attacks!

So, I went for acupuncture 9 times in 12 days and dramatically reduced my pain meds.  Now, after 15 treatments I am totally off all pain medications, including the Aleve.  It's been 8 days since I had anything!  And I am in less pain then I was on the morphine!  Actually, I have no pain except with certain movements.

I am now the poster child for acupuncture for pain relief.

Want to know more about Community Acupuncture?  I mostly see Heyley at Open Door Community Acupuncture, but when she is closed I go to Sarasota Community Acupuncture.

They have been a godsend.

I am catching up on months of silence so please enter your email address in the top right so you will automatically receive my posts.  I have several cooking away in my head as I type right now.  So many good things to write about.  Yikes! I have Cancer, but nobody told ME I couldn't beat it!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

This sh*t makes me crazy

A well-meaning girlfriend sent a link to a bunch of "us girls" and it makes me so scared to think of how many women are going to be abused by mammograms.

Here is the link (only 2:58 minutes)

And here is my reply:
I totally agree with her mission to violate the law and to stand by her Hippocratic oath and NOT follow the Obamacare guidelines for mammograms as it is NOT the government's duty to dictate our health care.

However, I totally disagree with her on the need for mammograms and following the American Cancer Society guidelines.  I also disagree that screenings reduce the number of breast cancer deaths by 30-40%.  That's a pretty wide percentage.  Which is it, 30 or 40 percent?  But, her bad understanding of statistics aside, the actual number of breast cancer deaths has RISEN since we started having mammograms annually ( )

For those of you who don't know this or who have chosen to ignore this fact, I had a CLEAN mammogram in October of '06 and the very next month I found a huge lump that, to this day I know was caused by the crushing blow of the mammogram.

They just want us to be scared so they can control our will and our pocketbooks.  Think of how many people would be out of work if a cure was ever found.  It will never happen so don't think an evasive procedure like ionizing radiation crushed through your mammary gland is going to keep you from dying of breast cancer.  You have a much better chance of survival without it.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Enzymes to the rescue

On Monday the 9th of July I received in the mail my order for some really good enzymes.  I had taken these back in January/February and had great results.  Ran out and tried a less expensive brand and did not enjoy the same benefits so I went back to the expensive ones.  By Tuesday I could tell there was a different quality to my pain.  It was more on the surface instead of deep in my soul.  Friday the 13th was a red-letter day for me.  I was very physically active, then ran the shop with Preston and came home and prepared dinner.  Usually after Milk-Fridays I am too tired and in pain to do much of anything and Preston has to take over.  This Friday I was so full of energy that after dinner I cooked a USWM ham and was slicing it at 9:30 to go in the fridge for quick lunches and meals.  Saturday I was still full of juice.  Sunday I worked in the yard from 6:30 11:00am.  Took a nap, ate lunch and went back out for a couple of hours.  Then I was really tired, but that was the most physical activity I have enjoyed in over a year.

The week continued with high energy and great stamina to the point that on Wednesday I decided that I actually could make it to Virginia and Preston's annual family gathering.  Preston and Zach drove on Friday and I flew on Saturday.  Had a great time, took short naps every day and flew back Monday.  The only activity I did not participate in over the weekend was croquette...I opted not to play in the mid-day hot sun.

Anyway, I thought you would enjoy knowing how my healing is going.  I am still following GNM and have used it for other imbalances in the last few months.  What a powerful gift it is.

And those enzymes.  I can't recommend them enough.  They are great for pain, inflammation and overall energy.  I am also taking the digestive ones and I love them.