Monday, July 11, 2011

The 2 modalities I am using to cure my breast cancer

I wanted to address some questions I have been getting about the modalities I am using to heal myself of breast cancer.  Even though I had them linked in my first blog, they took a back seat to the shock many of you experienced over my news.  I searched for more concise articles and I think the information below will be much more clear.

The two modalities I am using are German New Medicine (GNM) and Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI).

Here are two articles on GNM.  The first is short  - more of an overview of breast cancer. (Note:  I am left handed and the tumor began on the right breast about a year after my Mother died - this will make sense after you read the first article)  The second is very detailed but a totally interesting read.

Now, for RBTI.  In a nutshell Dr. Carey Reams maintained that a body with the proper amount and balance of minerals will enjoy an environment totally free of imbalances/diseases.  Sounds simple, but it is actually very complicated.  Many, however have learned how to test themselves and are successful in the protocol.  I decided not to go that route and employed a RBTI practitioner who recommends diet and supplements based on urine samples I send to her lab.  I was quite relieved when her diet recommendations included my raw, grass fed milk, yogurt and butter.  As I said in my blog post, I am grateful for those foods as I am sure they have helped me stay strong these 5+ years.

My current energy is very low at this time.  I am going through the GNM healing phase and bed rest is required.  I take about 2-3 naps a day now, but in the beginning of the healing phase, I was bedridden for about 3 weeks so this is an improvement.  I am also experiencing a lot of breast pain at night (which is typical of a GNM healing) which interrupts my sleep a great deal.

But, there is good news.  We measured the tumor on 6/4 and again on 7/4.  During that time we moved house which was positively grueling.  Physically it took a toll on me, plus, for 10 days or so my diet was far off my normal, organic, grass based foods.  Even with those challenging 10 days, the tumor shrink 8%.  

I must be doing something right.