Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Enzymes to the rescue

On Monday the 9th of July I received in the mail my order for some really good enzymes.  I had taken these back in January/February and had great results.  Ran out and tried a less expensive brand and did not enjoy the same benefits so I went back to the expensive ones.  By Tuesday I could tell there was a different quality to my pain.  It was more on the surface instead of deep in my soul.  Friday the 13th was a red-letter day for me.  I was very physically active, then ran the shop with Preston and came home and prepared dinner.  Usually after Milk-Fridays I am too tired and in pain to do much of anything and Preston has to take over.  This Friday I was so full of energy that after dinner I cooked a USWM ham and was slicing it at 9:30 to go in the fridge for quick lunches and meals.  Saturday I was still full of juice.  Sunday I worked in the yard from 6:30 11:00am.  Took a nap, ate lunch and went back out for a couple of hours.  Then I was really tired, but that was the most physical activity I have enjoyed in over a year.

The week continued with high energy and great stamina to the point that on Wednesday I decided that I actually could make it to Virginia and Preston's annual family gathering.  Preston and Zach drove on Friday and I flew on Saturday.  Had a great time, took short naps every day and flew back Monday.  The only activity I did not participate in over the weekend was croquette...I opted not to play in the mid-day hot sun.

Anyway, I thought you would enjoy knowing how my healing is going.  I am still following GNM and have used it for other imbalances in the last few months.  What a powerful gift it is.

And those enzymes.  I can't recommend them enough.  They are great for pain, inflammation and overall energy.  I am also taking the digestive ones and I love them.