Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring update and my cat!

The other night I woke with a start after realizing I had not seen one of our 6 cats all afternoon and evening. I got dressed, grabbed a flashlight and went out to our backyard to search for him. Poor Johnson (yes, his name is Johnson) was huddled under a bamboo tree and totally uninterested in anything I offered him (food, love, shelter, water). I left him there and tried to go back to sleep.
But sleep would not come, I laid there and worried about him until I finally drifted off around 4:00. During that time I realized that I was creating a “nest worry conflict” (GNM term). And I really lived in a nest worry conflict over my boys, constantly. How could I heal if I stayed in that conflict?
I got in touch with Andi (my GNM consultant) to ask about Johnson’s healing from a conflict. During the conversation about him, she confirmed that my cats are my children and by worrying about them I stay in a “hanging healing”.
So, now, I must do all I can do to insure their health and safety so I can stop worrying about them. I have to let go as long as I have done all I can do. My brother taught me that last night when I asked, “How does a mother ever stop worrying about her children?”
Now, I expect to really speed up my healing as I let go of worry about my cats. Yippee!
Oh, and about Johnson? His conflict began last Monday when we had a gardener working in his yard. On Tues and Wed there were workman here disturbing his world. He’ s tough cat, but recently has become very frightened of strangers making strange sounds. I suspect Thursday he resolved his conflicts when all was quiet and right in his world and on Friday he went into healing.
I tell him he is safe and to sleep as his body is working perfectly and healing as fast as it can. His conflict lasted 3 days so his healing should take 3 days.
He is still comfortable in his “sick room” (our bedroom with the door closed), he will drink a bit of tuna water and today he wolfed down about 3 bites of food. I am so glad I didn’t take him to the vet! By tomorrow he should be getting back to normal.
Gotta love something so universal that it works on pets, too!  Viva GNM!


  1. Hello Cynthia. I am in a similar position. Would you mind me emailing you? I don;t have your eail address.
    Mary (Mer)